Principal research directions:
Х     fundamental investigations as concerns saving, restoration, estimation and control over the fertility of soil for fruit and small fruit orchards;
Х     studying soil formation processes in orchard coenosis under the influence of different meliorative and current methods of soil cultivation;
Х     developing of alternative systems of orchard and nurseries fertilization.

Main achievements:
Х     scientific fundamentals of soil valuation for apple in the Lisosteppe and Polissya;
Х     methods of the control over soils conditions and of their fertility estimation;
Х     systems of fruit and small fruit crops fertilizing on the basis of establishing the necessary nutrient substances level in soil;
Х     ways of optimizing the agrophysical properties of dark-gray podzolized soils;
Х     technologies for the effecient use of soddy-podzolic sandy soils for fruit and small fruit crops and methods of growing them with the utmost limited radionuclides penetration into fruits in the contamination zone;
Х     economic and ecological substantiation of minimum mineral fertilizers dozes and of long orchard inter-row space ground cover.

Offer to customers:
Х     methods of cultivating soddy-podzolic sandy soils for apple orchards as well as of growing planting trees of the mentioned crop with the covered root system;
Х     organic-mineral system of strawberry fertilization;
Х     system of the apple trees rows management with applying different mulching material as well as leaves fertilization with macro- and microelements  in apple orchards;
Х     determination of soil suitability for horticulture;
Х     agrochemical soil analysis and development of recommendations for fertilizing;
Х     analysis of plant samples as regards the macro- and microelements content.

For information: e-mail: Ц Dmytro Hrechkovsky, Head of the Laboratory