Principal research directions:

 development of new environmentally friendly energy saving technologies for the long fruits storage:
- selection of differentiated temperature and gas storage regime;
- researching processing properties of the fruit of new and introduced pome, stone fruit and small fruit crops cultivars as well as the influence of agrotechnical methods on the formation of their quality;
- search for nutrients which improve the fruit products quality.

Main achievements:
 optimal gas storage regime has been selected for 32 cultivars of apple and 14 ones of pear;

 the suitability of berries of 25 small fruit crop cultivars has been determined for the conservation by quick freezing;

 recommendations concerning the establishment of purpose-oriented (dessert, of raw material) small fruit crops plantatons in different Ukraines of regions have been developed;

 the environmentally friendly apple fruit storage technology has been elaborated in the cooperation with foreign scientists.

Offer to customers:
 estimation of the quality of fresh fruits and products of their procession according to physical, organoleptic and biochemical indexes;

 selection of temperature and gas regime as well as methods of storage;

 development of technologies and prescriptions to order for the  fruit-processing branch;

 informational and consultative service as concerns the fruit and small fruit products storage and processing;

 development of standard and standard-technical documentation to order;

 analytical researches for the purpose of determining the content of dry and dry soluble substances, sugars, organic titrable acids, ascorbic acid, pectine, phenolic compounds.

For information: e-mail: Yulia Vintskovska, Head of the Laboratory of the Fruits Post-Harvest Processing, PhD