Principal research directions:

Х development of the scientific-practical fundamentals for the microbiological control over harmful organisms directed to the restoration and support of the orchard agrocoenoses biocoenotic balance;
Х improvement of the existing and development of new physiological methods for monitoring, formation of the data bank and forcasting of the orchards conditions in different agroekological zones of Ukraine;
Х scientific and methodical providing of the complex fundamental and applied researches concerning the diagnosis of fruit and small fruit crops resistance to abiotic environmental factors and studying the entomopathogenes natural resources for the purpose of using them in the modern phytosanitary technologies.

Main achievements:
Х the development of:
- express informative and instrumental methods of determining the effect of environment stress factors as well as of the monitoring the fruit and small fruit orchard conditions; those methods make it possible to forcast the plant potential productivity depending on the influence weather and climatic and biotic conditions, to accelerate determination of the orchards state and increase the efficiency of the technological cultivation technique, introduction of fruit crops perspective ecologically high stable cultivars;
- scientific methodological and practical principles and approaches to the screening and multistage analytical selection of promise strains-producers of microbial preparations with phitoprotective effect and the analysis of biological functional entomopathogenic cultures properties as well as of those valuable for economy;
- methods of estimating the efficiency of the actions and post-action of bioagents in agrocoenosis as well as biotesting and determination of the strains entomocide activity;
- technologies for obtaining microbial preparations on the basis of the perspective Bacillus thuringiensis strains with properties valuable for production and taking into consideration the microorganisms-producers peculiarities as well as purposeful missions;
- principles and technologies of applying microbial preparations on the basis of entomopatogenic bacteria for the control over the insects-pests amount as ecologically prior methods and alternatives to the insecticides of the chemical synthesis;
Х data bank has been created for the monitoring of weather conditions and orchards state;
Х the methods have been elaborated and optimized of:
- the determination of plants functional state as about the chlorophyll fluorescence photoinduction as well as air and soil humidity temperature;
- diagnosis of the plant moisture content and drought-resistance;

Offer to customers:
Х service which is provided with the use of express instrumental field and laboratory diagnosis methods:
- analysis of the plants damage with low temperatures, drought, over moisterning, soil nutritionn conditions;
- determination of cultivar-rootstock combinations compatibility;
- bioanalysis as regards the presence of virus and bacterial diseases;
Х consultative activities:
- consultations concerning the restoration of the orchards normal conditions after wintering, treatment of the trees damaged with frosts, sunburns, rodents and soil formation equipment etc.;
- rational technologies for applying the complex of useful microorganisms properties within the production of ecologically safe microbial preparations for the phytoprotection from insects-pests as alternatives to the insecticides of the chemical synthesis.

For information: e-mail:  Ц Viktoria Kryvoshapka, Head of the Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Microbiology, PhD