Principal research directions:
Х complex agrobiological study of minor and new cultivars, species and forms of floral ornamental and medicinal plants for the purpose of their effective industrial propagation in different soil and climatic regions of Ukraine.

Main achievements:
Х 20 cultivars of China aster (Callistephus chinesis) were bred and the greatest basic collection (above 100 samples) of these species in Ukraine gathered;
Х a collection of 77 species of ornamental plants were created and adapted for the conditions of the Northern Ukraine and an expanded collection of medicinal, ether and aromatic crops was formed;
Х the markets of the medicinal, ether, oil-bearing, floral and ornamental plants were analised, the promise directions of their agrarian production segment development determined for the nearest future.

Offer to customers:
Х new aster cultivars resistant to biotic and abiotic factors, ornamental properties being improved;
Х scientific and methodical ensuring of establishing farm orchards of ether, aromatic and medicinal plants as well as nurseries for the floral and ornamental crops cultivation;
Х recommendations and practical assistance in planting with landscaping in municipal and private territories;
Х scientific and practical seminars and lectures on the growing and usage of the medicinal, ether, aromatic, floral and ornamental crops.

For information: e-mail: ezhov.valeriy@gmail.com   Ц Valeriy Yezhov, Head of the Laboratory, Doctor