Principal research directions:
- carrying out research and designing works on the creation of new and improvement of the existing techniques for ensuring the
introduction of mechanized technologies for the orchards and small fruit orchards management and planting stock production.

Main achievements:
- system of machines has been developed and designig documentation for them;
- theoretical researches have been conducted on the substantiation of techological constructional schemes of machines for 
horticulture and parameters of their tools;
- over 700 machines in all have been produced and introduced into production.

Offer to customers:
- machines and thei complexes for mechanizing technlogical operations on growing fruits, small fruits and planting stock;
- consultations for experts regards the exploitation of technical means for horticulture;
- information about new technical development, holding seminars and exhibition of the elaborated machines.   

For information:  Yurii Kornuta, Head of Department, PhD


 for orchards:
 - ridging while planting intense orchards;
 - digging holes for planting trees;
 - collecting and transporting cut off branches from an orchard;
 - soil tillage particular compact in around the trunk belts of orchards with of inter-row space 4-5 m as well as in those with of 
4-5, in small fruit patches 3 m;
 - application of loose substrate inter-row space of orchards (with inter-row space 4-5 m), bushy small fruit plantings and clonal
rootstocks foundation stocks;
 - milling cut off branches and mowing grass in intense orchards, vineyards and bushy small fruit orchards;
 - harvesting and transporting fruits from on orchard the flow technology being applied with the use of small-sized transport

for fruit nurseries:
 - ridging while planting rootstocks and soil tillage in nurseries;
 - digging out one- and two-year planting trees.

for vegetative rootstock foundation stocks:
- uncovering clonal rootstock layers in spring;
- vegetative rootstock holing;
- uncovering mother plants root system in autumn.

for small fruit orchards:
- compact soil tillage and weed control in bushy small fruit patches inter-row spaces with a with of 2.5-3 m;
- chemical control over mite in strawberry patches;
- digging out bushy small fruit planting bushes and seed rootstock.