Principal research directions:

 developing of the fundamentals of producing health fruit and small fruit plants on the virus-free basis:
- introducing biotechnological methods of the express-diagnostics of fruit, small fruit and ornamental crops viruses in the system of the health planting stock growing;

- improving methods of infected clones sanitation with the use of chemo- and thermotherapy and in vitro
- culture as well as of the accelerated propagation of the selected basic clones, establishment of certificated fruit and small fruit foundation stock, developing of the conditions for their management;
 control over the genetic identity and preparation of genetic certificates for basis clones of promising cultivars and rootstocks of the domestic breeding on the basis of the molecular genetic markers.

Main achievements:
 the integral technology for the production of the fruit, small fruit and ornamental crops certificated plants on the virus-free basis has been developed;
 biotechnological methods have been improved and introduced of the virus diagnostics, sanitation of the infected plants of cultivars valuable, accelerated propagation of basic virus-free clones and preparaton of their genetic certificates;
 the basic fund of fruit and small fruit virus-free clones has been created.


Offer to customers:
 scientific providing of the production of the fruit, small fruit and ornamental crops planting stock on the virus-free basis, namely:
- inspection of parental gardens for study of their phytosanitary state and certification;
- selection of high-productive cultivars and rootstocks samples for the diagnostics concerning the absense of latent virus diseases in order to single out initial clones for the establishment of basis virus-free mother plantations;
- express-diagnostics of virus, bacterial and fungal diseases with the usage of laboratory as well as control over soil as concerns the presense of nematodes which are vectors-carriers of a group of nepoviruses;
- genetic fingerprint (genetic certificates creation) of varieties of fruit and small fruit crops on the basis of molecular genetic markers;
 sanitation of the infected clones of cultivars and rootstocks valuable for economy with the use of chemo- and thermotherapy and in vitro culture;
 propagation of basis virus-free clones with the usage of biotechnological methods (apical meristem culture, cutting and so on);
 consultative assistance or scientific accompaniment as regards the establishment and management of the certificated mother plantations;
 growing of basic virus-free stock to order fer the establishment of productive certificated parental gardens.

For information: e-mail: - Nadiia Yaremko, Head of the Department Virology, Plant Health and Propagation, PhD