Principal research directions:
 development and theoretical substantiation of new and improvement of the existing elements of the fruit and small fruit crops integrated protection from the complex of pests and diseases; those elements under the conditions of limiting the chemical protection means negative influence on the environment would secure the proper control of the development and spread of harmful organisms, contribute into the phytosanitary state sanitation, support of the ecological balanse in orchard agrocoenosis and attaining stable yield of the high quality ecologically pure products;
 exploring the peculiarities of the development, spread and harmfulness of the most dangerous pome, stone fruit and small fruit pests and diseases depending on weather conditions, assortment, technology and plant management;
 determining the technical and economic efficiency of the developed plant protection means, among them, of the ecologically safe chemical and biological means against the main apple, plums, sweet cherry and bushy small fruit crops pests and diseases depending on methods and terms of applying preparations in the integrated protection systems and introduction of them into production;
 studying the entomophags role in regulating the aphids amount and their population density in plum and sweet cherry orchards;
 development of the system of the scab immune apple cultivars integrated protection against other diseases on the basis of combining technology practice and chemical means.

Main achievements:
the development of:
 the methods of screening the apple philoplane epiphytic microflora for the purpose of searching among its representatives active antagonists of the scab casual organism with selecting a number of microorganisms which displayed high antagonistic activity against the mentioned disease and the peach leaf curling in the field conditions;
 phenoprognostic system of the apple protection against scab and other diseases and pests;
 methods and an instrument for the apple scab monitoring depending on weather conditions;
 methods of the short-term prediction of the main apple, plum and sweet cherry pests and diseases development on the basis of the instrumental monitoring of the orchards phitosanitary state and mathematical modeling of the harmful organisms development peculiarities;
 the efficient system of the fruit and small fruit crops protection against the cockchafer larvae.

Offer to customers:
 testing the new pesticides efficiency for the purpose of their state registrary;
 inspection of orchards to ascertain the causes of the plants inhibited state or loss;
 selection of samples, diagnostics and determination of disease causative agents species, of fruit and small fruit crops pests and offer of recommendations as to the orchards protection from them;
 the authors accompaniment of carrying out the  integrated protection from pests and diseases by farms, correcting operations and elimination of defects.

For information: e-mail: Igor Shevchuk, Head of the Laboratory of Plant Protection, PhD