Principal research directions:
Х developing of new environmentally friendly technologies of pome and stone fruit crops cultivation for the main fruit growing regions with the usage of high-productive dwarf seminal and vegetatively propagated rootstocks, large-fruited winter-hardy disease-resistant cultivars, new methods of trees formation and pruning in order to ensure their high stable yield.

Main achievements:
Theoretically substantiated are:
Х mechanism of the positive influence of the pome and stone fruit crops high-density orchards on the acceleration of the trees fruit-bearing and their stable and high productivity at the fruit-bearing age;
Х sweet cherry trees summer pruning terms which accelerate fruit-bearing, orchards longevity and improve their phytosanitary state;
Х new types of pome and stone fruit crops orchards that ensure high effective usage of ecological energetic labor material and technical resources;
Х orchard constructions which are the most purposeful from the biological and high effective from the economic and energetic view point, rational systems of the trees placing, formation, pruning and productive operation;
Х optimized crown volumes and trees amount on an area unit that ensure early maturity and stable high yield of high quality fruits with minimum labor expenses for their growing;
Х the most perspective cultivar-rootstock combinations for the creation of intense apple and sweet cherry orchards.

Offer to customers:
Х introduction of intensive technologies for the creation and productive usage of fruit crops orchards with the use of promising cultivars and rootstocks in different soil and climatic conditions of Ukraine;
Х modern constructions of apple orchards on middle and semi-dwarf rootstocks with the formation of rounded small springle-like multi-axual and two-flat crowns;
Х intense orchards of plums, sweet cherry and myrobalan plum on dwarf  vegetatively propagated rootstocks and those of cherry and myrobalan plum on seminal ones with the maximum mechanization of labour consuming processes;
Х guidance for the establishment and productive use of intense orchards;
Х  recommendations and practical assistance to amateur growers in the personal orchards establishment and management;
Х scientific and practical seminars, lectures and master-classes on planting and management of orchards.

For information: e-mail: Ц Olena Kishchak, Head Of The Department of Fruit Growing Technologies, Doctor